Featured Maker: Will Gorman

Ever wonder how far you could take the Lego Mindstorm NXT? Now you don’t have to wonder – you can come out to Orlando Mini Maker Faire and meet Will Gorman – member of BattleBricks and creator of the “MakerLegoBot” a Lego Mindstorms 3D Lego Printer!


A custom Java application takes MLCad files, creates a set of print instructions, and sends them to the MakerLegoBot to be “printed”.

The house below (without the minifig) was made by the LegoMakerBot…

MakerLegoBot model

Will and the MakerLegoBot have been featured on the MakerBot blogWiredEngadgetBoingBoing, many other websites, and at the 2010 LegoWorld event in The Netherlands.

You can learn more about the MakerLegoBot and see some of Will’s other creations over at BattleBricks – AND you can come meet Will and see the MakerLegoBot in person at Orlando Mini Maker Faire!