Featured Maker: Barry Anderson

Meet Barry Anderson (He’s the one on the left…)

Barry is a Florida Artist who has worked in the entertainment industry for more than 28 years. He has worked as a makeup FX artist on many film and television productions through the years some credits include “Hair Spray” starring John Travolta , George Romero’s”Day of the Dead” “Jeepers Creepers” “Mr. Nanny” “The Unholy” Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, PBS Barry recently retired from Ripley Entertainment after 17 years of service in the Art dept. He was the Director of the Department for 10 years and one of the top museum figure makers in the country. He even has an IMDb page!

Check out his website to see lots of his amazing creations such as this ork…


and even some great drawings…

Barry will have some of his creations on display at Orlando Mini Maker Faire, and even a few special items for sale.  Just to make sure you can recognize him, here’s one more picture!


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  1. Hi Barry,
    I recognized your name from a long time ago. Day of the Dead? I took a small class in horror make-up application techniques at a little costume shop in Plantation FL about 20 something years ago. I still use those things I learned every year around halloween time. I will come say hi at the Faire assuming I make it there. :)

  2. Hello Jason,
    good to hear from you, WOW that was a long time ago for sure Annies Costumes I believe? yes I worked on George Romero’s Day of the Dead back in Dec. 1984 in the scenes shot here in Florida working with Tom Savini and a bunch of talented folks making Zombies. the workshop was a basic makeup effects class and I am glad it came in usefull for you during Halloween. please stop over and say hello at my booth.

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