Featured Maker: Megan Lee

Megan Lee creates “rock star poster” art prints for various groups of people like┬áscientists, astronomers, authors, and whoever strikes her fancy.

Megan shared, “My biggest obstacle when making a new print for someones is reading and sifting through the accomplishments they are known for and turning that into something I can represent artistically. And make it look plain cool. I always want my work to be something I’d love to have on my own walls. I have to do a lot of research and studying in order to decide what I’m going to create for a particular person, and I find that the more difficult it is to figure out exactly what I want to design, the more I end up learning.”

She also shared, “I love art, and I’m really starting to love science and astronomy, and I love blending those interests into something that hopefully makes science seem more accessible and appealing to the general masses. I want other people to get excited about learning and hopefully my prints do that just a little bit :)”

Megan is thrilled to be showing her work at Orlando Mini Maker Faire – especially since the Maker Faire crowd will already know most of these “rock stars!” Be sure to stop by her booth at Orlando Mini Maker Faire, and check out her Etsy Store to see even more of her work.