Featured Maker: Procyon Systems (Kissimmee Park Observatory)

Procyon Systems makes computerized drive systems for equatorial mount telescopes, and they are currently constructing the Kissimmee Park Observatory in Kissimmee, FL.

We first met Procyon Systems at the Dark Sky Festival in Harmony – after seeing the GIANT reflector and drive system they built, we HAD to invite them to Orlando Mini Maker Faire.

They will be exhibiting their 18″ Newtonian Reflecting Telescope, and their Sky Sentinel Drive system at Orlando Mini Maker Faire.

Sky Sentinel Drive is a new approach in telescope control, using multiple micro-processors to control stepper motors and read precision optical encoders, while providing a substantial celestial database with which to explore the skies. This is a complete telescope control system based on high resolution stepper motors and encoders.
The system allows this large telescope to automatically locate over 12,000 celestial objects, automatically.

Procyon Systems will demonstrate the operation of the telescope and show astrophotos taken with the telescope as well as videos of the construction of Kissimmee Park Observatory, which will support both public and private astronomy observing sessions.

We hope you’ll stop by the Procyon booth at Orlando Mini Maker Faire – it won’t be hard to spot that big orange & blue telescope!