Featured Maker: The Monster Cafe

Crafty sisters, Justine and Melissa, have turned their love of cuddly monsters into a fun and fur-flying activity. Melissa would turn to Justine and say, “Hey, wouldn’t that be a great stuffed doll?” or demanding say, “Make me that!” (Not so subtle a hint-hint nudge-nudge.)

Inspired by the artwork of Jasmine Beckett-Griffith (www.strangeling.com) and receiving permission and enthusiasm from the artist, the two sisters started to create fleece dolls and faux fur yetis. The first yeti was presented to Jasmine’s husband, Matt during an art festival in April of 2009 and was over 3′ tall.

A small ETSY store was created later that year, The Monster Cafe – where coffee and cupcakes aren’t the only thing on the menu.

At Orlando Mini Maker Faire, The Monster Cafe will be selling small, medium, and large monsters, fleece dolls, and miscellaneous wares such as buttons and other surprises!