Featured Project: TagBot: The Spray Paint Photo Booth

If you’ve ever been to FamiLAB, you’ve very likely met John Bent Cope, or seen some of his work on display. He’s always making something creative, exploring the combinations of art and technology. (and sometimes he’s a Power Racing driver…)

Some of John’s past projects include a 3D version of the GitHub Octocat (on thingiverse!)…

and a cupcake (dessert) shipping container that looks like a cupcake (the Makerbot 3d Printer) for The Cupcake Challenge

Now, his latest project, TagBot, will be debuting at Orlando Mini Maker Faire. TagBot is a spray-painting robot – basically a CNC-machine with a spray can!

At Orlando Mini Maker Faire, John will have it setup to take your picture using a webcam, stylize the picture using processing, and then paint your stylized portrait using spray cans!

To make this a exhibit a reality, John needs your help – the paint and paper will be quite expensive, so he is raising funds on Kickstarter. Check out this quick video, then head over to Kickstarter to help support John’s efforts. We’ve thrown in a few Orlando Mini Maker Faire tickets for his ¬†higher level backers, so if you haven’t purchased tickets yet, this is a good way to both support him, and end up with tickets to one amazing event!