A HUGE Thank you to our makers, maker helpers, volunteers, boosters, sponsors, and attendees for making Orlando Mini Maker Faire a VERY fun day.

There are tons of pictures on the Orlando Mini Maker Facebook page – the organizers are taking a little break to recover, then we will start posting some of the highlights here.


2 Responses to THANK YOU!

  1. Austin Herrington

    A friend and I have over a dozen “mini cars.” We thought of repairing and/or repainting them and selling them. We have, however, gotten invomved with too much else and would just like to sell the whole group to a group who would fix, repair, etc. those worthwhile and use the others for parts. Do you know anyone in your group (or your group as a whole) who might be interested? You can contact John Beller (407-552-8458) or me (407-891-4156) of interested. We live in St. Cloud, FL. [Saw the picture in the “Orlando Sentinel.”

  2. It was an amazing day and such a wonderful experience to be there. Thank you so much to everyone that made this event happen and for allowing me to participate!

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