Calling All Makers!

Do you have a DIY project of your own? Whether it’s in your garage, classroom, or office, we want you to share your talent and passion with Central Florida. We welcome experienced Makers as well as those who have never shown their work to the public before. At Orlando Mini Maker Faire, featured Makers will find a welcoming and appreciative audience that’s excited to see what you can create.

Call for Makers – Submit Your Application Today!

Application deadline is July 21st, but we appreciate receiving your application as soon as possible!

Email any questions to

3 Responses to Calling All Makers!

  1. Has anyone contacted OUYA about attending? I’ve pinged their fasebook page a few times, but haven’t heard anything from them.

  2. I have a really cool boat project called the Kayakamara- two home made 13′ kayaks that can be paddled individually or connected together as a catamaran for sailing, stability, and load carrying. This is the first phase of a long term project to create the Voltron of boats- a 24′ trimaran using kayaks for outriggers that can be disconnected and used separately or as a catamaran tender. My project is totally DIY and state of the shelf and the final plans will be fully documented and open source. Does the Orlando Science Center have any water features where I could demo my project?
    Will the admission for Maker Faire be the same price as admission to the OSC? I would be coming up from Tampa, do you have a partnership with any local hotels for an event discount?

  3. Chuck, sounds like an awesome project!

    I’m not sure about the ability to demonstrate on water. My suggestion would be to register and fill out a proposal at (, explain what you need, and we will let the space planning group work on it. I’m sure people would like to see it even if it can’t be on the water (you could have video showing it in action).

    Admission for Orlando Mini Maker Faire will be standard Orlando Science Center admission, and members will get in free. Please see the “Attend” tab on this site for more specifics.

    We have not setup any hotel deals…

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