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Maker Welcome Arch – Collaborative Art Project

This year at Maker Faire Orlando 2016, we’re adding something a little different. We want to give everyone, makers and attendees alike, the chance to be part of a collaborative art project.


We will have a large “Welcome Arch” located at the entryway to the event. The arch will start empty – and we need you to fill it with your amazing-ness. It can be an object you have made, created, drawn, sewn, re-purposed, or designed in any way, and hang it up on the arch with the use of zip ties. If you make something at the event, you can add it! We need to return the arch on Monday, so please don’t use any adhesives. The arch will be up all weekend for people to come and add their unique touches, and at the end of the weekend, we will collect all the items that were added to the arch, and turn it into one large, community made, art piece.

This project is to encourage makers of all styles, ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles to show off what they make and do, and to bring everyone in the community together in a new and exciting way. So bring your stuff with you to the event to share with the world and add to our big, amazing, inspiring, community made, group art project.

Featured Maker: CUT/SEW Patternmaking

Guest post by Stefaney Rants
Business: CUT/SEW Patternmaking
Owners: Madison May
Years in Business: ~1 year
I can safely say the common thread among all the Makers at Maker Faire Orlando is, passion.  It takes passion to create an idea into reality.  Another commonality is often a leap of faith.  Innovators take risks, take chances and have a burning desire to provide their niche idea to the world.  If it weren’t for these people we would have missed out on many inventions and products that make our life easier and more beautiful.
Madison from Cut/Sew Patternmaking is revolutionizing traditional pattern making.  As a sewer myself, I am familiar with how difficult pattern reading can be and how detrimental that is to learning something new.  One of the first things you want to do as a new sewer is build your confidence.  You want to learn your machine, you want to learn a few skills, and you want to make an item right off the bat.  Madison is taking the guess work out of sewing and has created patterns that appeal to Cosplayer’s which leaves more room for imagination and less time being frustrated.
With that said, if you’re a sewer be sure to see her booth at Maker Faire Orlando this weekend at the Central Florida Fairgrounds.  And if you’re NOT a sewer, be sure to see her booth!  She is on the verge of introducing a new generation to sewing and is bringing back to life such a beautiful art and practical skill.  Cut/Sew Patternmaking will make a sewer out of us, yet!
1.  A brief overview of your background.
I come from a fashion educational background and a costume design professional background, which is a really great way to get a quick-and-dirty garment making skill set. I learned how to pattern and sew “the right way” in school, graduating from the Pratt Institute in New York City, and while I was there I interned, snuck into, and bullied my way into experience in costume shops for music, television, and Broadway productions, which completely upturned my notion of “the right way” to make clothes. There are all these wonderfully creative hacks, tricks, and cheats that are used in the industry to make gorgeously artful costumes, and that whole concept of deconstructing the process that you already know to better suit demand is a huge influence on CUT/SEW.

Featured Maker: Team Toxic Robotics

This year at Maker Faire Orlando, among all the amazing things, there will be Combat Robots! That’s right! You’ll be able to see small bots all the way up to the heavyweight class that you see on television! How cool is that?

One team that we’re excited about is Team Toxic Robotics. We were able to speak with one of the team members, Nasir Illasarie about combat robotics and get excited about their team!


Q: How would you explain Combat Robots to someone who hasn’t heard of it before?

A: I would describe combat robotics as a fun “sport” that involves an equal part of knowledge and imagination. It’s not all about winning; it’s more about the people you meet and the knowledge you gain. The added bonus – seeing other robots get destroyed.

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Featured Maker: Kilovolt Creations

Get ready to be electrified by this amazing exhibit! Lightning is a magical force of nature that has the ability to create amazing burns in whatever it strikes. How amazing would it be if you could own a piece of art made by lightning? Well, that’s exactly how Kilovolt Creations makes these awesome pieces!


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Featured Maker: Dennis Hansbury – Handcut Illustrations

Dennis Hansbury’s Handcut Illustrations are exactly what they sounds like, andt they are awesome! With the use of a scroll saw, Dennis creates works of art on wood surfaces, and paints illustrations on them, giving you art you can hold in your hand!


At Maker Faire Orlando, this exhibit will have a wide variety of Halloween, Steampunk, and Comicbook art illustrations. There will also be demonstrations of how the surface of the wood is prepared, and how the illustration is placed on the wood before the scroll saw is used.

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