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DeltaMaker Team 3D Prints “Makey” Robots

The team over at DeltaMaker has been helping out the Maker Faire Orlando team by printing “Makey” the Maker Faire robot (he’s in our logo!) – and they share a great timelapse video of their “botfarm” in action. Make sure to stop by the DeltaMaker exhibit to thank them for sponsoring Maker Faire Orlando!

Orlando Sentinel Arts & Entertainment Season Preview

The Orlando Sentinel just released their Arts & Entertainment Season Preview – and they featured Maker Faire Orlando! Check out the video below, the section on Maker Faire starts at 4 minutes into the video. For more media coverage of Maker Faire Orlando, check out our Media page.

New Poster Design!

Check out our amazing new poster designed by Michael Ingrassia of Maker Faire Orlando sponsor SteamLabs!


This poster is downloadable in PDF format – please print some and put them near the creative people in your world!

If you have access to a large format printer and want the fullsize art, email us at for a dropbox link.

If you’d like other Maker Faire Orlando promotional items – check out our Promote page for logos, postcards & more!

Make sure you stop by the SteamLabs exhibit at Maker Faire Orlando to chat with Michael, and see a 3D printed version of the robot on the poster!

Reserve your Maker Faire Orlando T-Shirt

Maker Faire Orlando t-shirts featuring our new logo will be available at the Orlando Science Center store for $15 (with 15% off for Orlando Science Center members!). Sizes and quantities are limited, so we’ve created a way to guarantee that we will have a t-shirt for you. Reserve your sizes using this reservation form.


If you have any questions about Maker Faire Orlando 2014 t-shirts, please email us at

It’s Official – We are now Maker Faire Orlando!


We are now Maker Faire Orlando – one of 12 “Featured” Maker Faire events around the world. For 2014, we’ve not only expanded to two days, we will have over 150 maker exhibits (over 85 have already been approved – see the list), over 12k more square feet within Orlando Science Center, and will be adding outdoor exhibits in  Loch Haven Park. But wait, there’s more! Nerdy Derby, Power Racing, a disassembly & recycling area with Take it Apart, and a program for educators are just a few of the big additions to this year’s event.

If you’ve been to one of our past events, you may be wondering what happened to the “Mini Maker Faire” title – here’s the story…

In 2011, a few friends from FamiLAB ventured out to Maker Faire Bay Area and returned intent on bringing the inspiring spectacle that is Maker Faire to Orlando. We licensed the event, becoming “Orlando Mini Maker Faire” – as the events not produced by the official Maker Faire team are known as “Mini” events.

We didn’t have a clue how to produce a major event – but we had passion, determination, good friends, and a lot of luck. With over 100 Maker exhibits and over 2,500 attendees, Orlando Mini Maker Faire was anything but “mini”. The community support was incredible, and we knew that we’d do it again!

As we pondered how to make the event even better for 2013, we thought back to our visit to World Maker Faire New York, held at the NY Hall of Science, home to the 1964 World’s Fair. We loved the integration of Maker Faire into the existing exhibits – with children and adults moving from hands-on science exhibit to hands-on maker exhibit, and the combination of indoor spaces and outdoor spaces possible with the park next to the NY Hall of Science. We realized that our own Orlando Science Center and Loch Haven Park could make this possible for Orlando – and set out to make it happen.

We partnered with Orlando Science Center for Orlando Mini Maker Faire 2013, and welcomed over 100 maker exhibits and over 3,000 attendees throughout the Orlando Science Center. We had a fantastic time – but quickly realized that one day of Maker Faire wasn’t enough. We’d always planned to grow the event over time, but hadn’t expected the community to respond so quickly. After deliberation with our community partners – we made the decision to go big – and we highly appreciate the support we’ve received from our community partners, makers, volunteers, and sponsors.

Maker Faire Orlando remains a non-profit, community-led event, and we need your help to make it happen. If you’d like to be a part of it, as a maker, volunteer, community partner, sponsor, etc – check out the pages of this website, or email us at