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Meet the Maker: Cybernath Labs

Cybernath Labs logoCybernath Labs, whose tagline is “Just some nerds making fun”, will be making their fun at Maker Faire Orlando all weekend long on Level 2 in Lowrie Hall. We asked Sean Bernath to tell us more about just what Cybernath Labs is and does.

So who are you and what do you do?

My Name is Sean Bernath, and my teammates are Asa Davis, and Jeffrey “vid” Strickland. Together, we build things just for fun as Cybernath Labs.

What kind of things do you make?
We make games that blend digital and physical elements into a single experience.

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Meet the Robot Makers of FIRST

IMG_2576The young robot makers of FIRST will be on hand throughout the weekend, at Maker Faire Orlando, with everything from table top LEGO robots  to 120 lb. yoga ball tossing robots, all built and programmed by students.

Chosen as one of the Top Exhibits for Educators at Maker Faire Orlando, FIRST robotics provides relevant, real time, hands on STEM learning for youth ages 6-18 and the adults who work with them.

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Meet the Maker: FreeFab 3D


FreeFab3D at Gulf Coast MakerCon

FreeFab3D at Gulf Coast MakerCon

FreeFab 3D will be showing their awesomeness in all three dimensions at Maker Faire Orlando September 13 & 14.   The St. Petersburg based 3D printer manufacturer is also active in the Tampa Bay area community, helping  create a makerspace near downtown St. Petersburg with the St. Pete Makers, and hosting monthly 3D printer Maker Night Meetups in their office. Owner Mo Eppley gave  us a little more insight into the FreeFab 3D world.

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Meet the Young Makers: Ampersand School

Ampersand school logoAmpersand School is a K-12 Maker School.  Located in Longwood, Ampersand aims to be “the school we all wish we could have gone to when we were students. ” It is a school based on the principles of learning by doing, on making to learn.

We asked Shydonna Tossie, Managing Director of Ampersand School, to tell us a bit more about the school and what they’ll be showcasing at Maker Faire Orlando September 13 & 14.

What do you do?
ST: We’ve designed the school we all wish we could have gone to when we were students. A playground for our own children, and yours. Check out (and help build) the school of your dreams. We are a school for makers, CEO’s, olympic hopefuls, poets, videographers, novelists, chefs, and more. The details are unique but one thing remains that same: Our students focus on doing.

At Ampersand School, we are encouraging play , allowing them the opportunity to explore their passions, and assisting them in finding purpose.We encourage others to join us in designing a radically new school experience for makers, entrepreneurs, inventors, philosophers, writers, thinkers, doers, and world changers.

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Meet the Maker(s): Tampa Hackerspace


Maker Faire Orlando is a maker magnet, drawing creative and energetic individuals and groups from all over the state.  Tampa Hackerspace is one those groups,  opening as Tampa’s first Hackerspace in 2013, and recently moving into bigger quarters to accommodate a growing and active membership.

We asked Director of Operations, Jon Adair, a mobile app developer with his own company, Thinkamingo, and a founding member of Tampa Hackerspace, to tell us more about  the space and what they’re bringing to Maker Faire Orlando.

Tell us about Tampa Hackerspace.

THS 2JA: Tampa Hackerspace is a non-profit, member-driven workshop. We provide space, equipment, and a community for people to make stuff. We now have three 3D printers, 2 CNC machines, an electronics lab, a wood / metal shop, and classroom space. We offer over a dozen classes for members and nonmembers on everything from Arduinos to Lockpicking to 2D Art. Every Tuesday we hold an Open Make Night for people to come check out the space, meet people, get advice or help on a project, 3D print something, etc.

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