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Maker Faire Orlando 2015 – Post-Event Web Analytics

The Maker Effect Foundation produces Maker Faire Orlando, and we will readily admit that we are data nerds. One of the benefits of producing Maker Faire is that we get to learn – a lot. We try new tools, new marketing techniques, and get to measure the results in realtime. We use our analytics to compete with ourselves (year-over-year results) – and to gauge the performance of marketing efforts so that we know what to do more of next year, and well NOT do next year!


We invested significant time in this year to give each Exhibit and Maker their own page as well as to make sure that it was all social sharable –  and were very interested to see how the site performed in the weeks leading up to the event, and on the days of the event.

Here are some of the early results – we hope they help others producing Maker Faire events (or any event) – we’d love your questions at – we will find the answers to your questions (if we have them!) and update this post as we do more analysis.

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Maker Faire is Here!

We are setup and ready for a great Maker Faire Orlando weekend!

Tips:  Plan ahead for parking, get tickets in advance to avoid the lines, check the schedule, get the apps, and start your day at our newest location, the Orlando Museum of Art (you can start at OMA, even if you don’t have your tickets yet)!


Maker Faire Giveaways!

Thanks to Maker Faire Orlando sponsor Skycraft Parts & Surplus, we are giving away five $100 Gift Cards this week!

Details and Entry here: Maker Faire Orlando Giveaways


Kickin’ Up Dust at Maker Faire: Art & History Museums – Maitland

A favorite from last year, Canlin Frost is back and ready to let the chips fall where they may – woodchips that is. Carpenter-in-Residence for the Art & History Museums – Maitland, Canlin is a local furniture designer and craftsman specializing in traditionally handcrafted heirloom furniture and antique furniture repair.


A firm believer in preserving our planet’s resources, Canlin only uses woods from sustainable forests or reclaimed sources. His original pieces are solid wood and are held together using traditional joinery methods such as mortise and tenons, pegs, and hand-cut dovetails. Continue reading

Check out the Maker Faire Orlando Program

We are changing the event program this year to include highlights across the Orlando Science Center, Loch Haven Park, and the Orlando Museum of Art. We’ve greatly reduced the amount of paper consumed by moving the event schedule to our website, our mobile apps, and new digital signage at the Orlando Science Center.

We are finalizing all the schedule details now, and will have the full schedule up in just a few days.

Be sure to browse through the maker categories to pick your “must-see” exhibits before you arrive!


Download the PDF here