2016 Exhibit: CUT/SEW Patternmaking

CUT/SEW is an independent patternmaking company created in 2015 with a few simple, crazy, madly passionate goals: innovating sewing patterns, a product that's remained unchained over decades and has been the bane of home sewers who can't decode their vague, often overcomplicated instructions, and making quality sewing easy and accessible for movers, shakers, cosplayers, and creators. Their mission is to elevate sewing at home from the crafty-kitschy stuff of fabric store nightmares to a thing of frantic, creative beauty, with the belief that anyone making stuff, whether it's clothes or cosplay, is making something amazing.

At Maker Faire Orlando, CUT/SEW brings their finished sewing patterns for sale and display, but also works one-on-one with other makers to discuss the traditional patternmaking process, how they've innovated the experience of using a pattern from a consumer end, and to demonstrate some of the digital framework that they've tackled to try to bring sewing patterns to the 21st century, including custom size calculators and QR code interactivity.

The lead patternmaker of CUT/SEW, Madison May, will be on hand to answer questions and hold demos.

Categories: Craft
Exhibit Location: Spirit Building
About The Maker
CUT/SEW Patternmaking

CUT/SEW is an Orlando-based collective of artists creating traditionally made, hand printed sewing patterns with styles inspired by street fashion and cosplay. With a goal of updating patterns for the 21st century, CUT/SEW makes patterns simplified and easy to use, with clear and kid-friendly instructions so anyone – even complete beginners – can pick up their patterns and start sewing.