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MaxAir Swim Fin

In 2007 I set out to develop the next generation swim fin. It would be based on fluid dynamics and practical aspects of SCUBA diving rather than just rehashing old designs. The concept was to create a fin which worked like an airplane wing worked - only in the water. The first prototype was made of paper. The first usable prototype was made from Home Depot products. Its performance was dismal but good enough to lead to more. 14 prototypes brought me to parity with the state of the art but there was still plenty of refinement available. Now at more than 60 prototypes the concept has been proven to be up to 50% more efficient than any commercial recreational swim fin available. Come to see the future in operation. We will have one of the most recent prototypes in a tank so you can play with it and see how it works. The latest prototypes and the whole generational line of prototypes will be available for examination. Each has a lesson learned with more to come.

TECreation Development - http://www.tecreationdev.com/maxair.php

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