TROBO Now on Kickstarter


Back in July, we featured our Maker friends Jeremy and Chris of TROBO the Storytelling Robot. Fast forward to September, and Team TROBO is getting busy: not only will they be at the upcoming 2014 Maker Faire Orlando, but TROBO is now on Kickstarter!

Since September 3 until October 6, supporters of the educational toy can help fund the Orlando toy company and help make TROBOs a reality. Different levels of pledges are available through the Kickstarter, and in just one day, Team TROBO raised 30% of their goal. If $60,000 is backed by the end of the campaign, TROBO may be available by the 2015 holiday season.

Available for early bird backers at $50 is a pre-order of your choice of the Edison or Curie TROBO, to be shipped by November 2015. By then, my little one will be the perfect age to start enjoying his Edison plush. Right now at 7 months old, he’s more keen on touching his toes and grabbing at water bottles. He’s growing up so fast, and I’ll soon have to get him toys that are educational rather than ones that simply sound like crunchy plastic. Start them early on reading and STEM with TROBO!

Remember to stop by the TROBO booth to meet the Makers on September 13th and 14th at Maker Faire Orlando. To learn more about TROBO the Storytelling Robot, visit or TROBO on Kickstarter.

Meet the Young Makers: Ampersand School

Ampersand school logoAmpersand School is a K-12 Maker School.  Located in Longwood, Ampersand aims to be “the school we all wish we could have gone to when we were students. ” It is a school based on the principles of learning by doing, on making to learn.

We asked Shydonna Tossie, Managing Director of Ampersand School, to tell us a bit more about the school and what they’ll be showcasing at Maker Faire Orlando September 13 & 14.

What do you do?
ST: We’ve designed the school we all wish we could have gone to when we were students. A playground for our own children, and yours. Check out (and help build) the school of your dreams. We are a school for makers, CEO’s, olympic hopefuls, poets, videographers, novelists, chefs, and more. The details are unique but one thing remains that same: Our students focus on doing.

At Ampersand School, we are encouraging play , allowing them the opportunity to explore their passions, and assisting them in finding purpose.We encourage others to join us in designing a radically new school experience for makers, entrepreneurs, inventors, philosophers, writers, thinkers, doers, and world changers.

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The Maker Movement Infographic

The team over at The Grommet have produced a fantastic new infographic on the Maker Movement  and its impact!

Maker Movement Infographic

DeltaMaker Team 3D Prints “Makey” Robots

The team over at DeltaMaker has been helping out the Maker Faire Orlando team by printing “Makey” the Maker Faire robot (he’s in our logo!) – and they share a great timelapse video of their “botfarm” in action. Make sure to stop by the DeltaMaker exhibit to thank them for sponsoring Maker Faire Orlando!

Orlando Sentinel Arts & Entertainment Season Preview

The Orlando Sentinel just released their Arts & Entertainment Season Preview – and they featured Maker Faire Orlando! Check out the video below, the section on Maker Faire starts at 4 minutes into the video. For more media coverage of Maker Faire Orlando, check out our Media page.

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