Exhibit Registration is Now Open!


Register to Exhibit at Maker Faire Orlando

Our 2016 “Call for Makers” is now open! We expect to host over 300 maker exhibits at Maker Faire Orlando 2016 – and that means we need your awesome project, and we need you to tell us about the other awesome creations that we should invite to Maker Faire Orlando. It is free to exhibit (with low fees for sellers), so get started today!


Maker Faire Orlando 2016 & Community Partners

As part of our preparations for Maker Faire Orlando 2016, we are introducing a number of new concepts in how we work with our Community Partners. We are holding open meetings at a number of community locations (FamiLAB Open House on 3/1, and Tampa Hackerspace Open Make Night on 3/8 have been scheduled so far) – and we want to openly share (this post) how we work with community partners in an effort to involve even more community groups in Maker Faire. You are welcome to connect with us one of the scheduled meetings, or have us speak to your group, or discuss any of this directly – just email us at producers@makerfaireorlando.com.

The following is an overview of the content that we will sharing in our community discussions, and we will update it as we do Q&A with each group.

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Maker Faire Producers’ Summit 2016

The Maker Faire Orlando team is visiting San Francisco this weekend for the first-ever Maker Faire Producers’ Summit. With over 100 producers attending from over a dozen countries, we are excited to share, learn, and make some new friends. We are also looking forward to hearing from the Maker Media team about the worldwide growth of Maker Faire – and the new tools and resources they are creating to help our community-produced events grow and thrive.

Community Maker Faire Marketing Workshop

Jessica King, our Executive Producer, will be leading a session on marketing for community-based Maker Faire events. We’ve even brought our friend Professor Hans Von Puppet along to help open the session.

Marketing Checklist

Jessica also created a sharable community marketing checklist that illustrates how we have learned and grown over the last 4 years – and we are excited to add the ideas that we gather from other Maker Faire producers.

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Big Changes for Maker Faire Orlando 2016!

We are excited to announce that Maker Faire Orlando will return for our 5th annual event on October 22nd & 23rd, 2016.  When we started this event as a Mini Maker Faire in 2012, we could not have imagined that just a few years later we’d be hosting a weekend-long event with over 15k participants. Each year we work to improve the event based on your feedback, and for 2016 we have some BIG changes planned.

  • New Date – We are moving the event to late October for cooler, dryer weather (hopefully!). This new date also gives educators more time to work with their new students so they can exhibit at Maker Faire.
  • Location – We will be returning to the Central Florida Expo Park (Fairgrounds) – we’ve already reserved the entire facility – including all the expo space (4 buildings) and a 50k sq. ft. covered pavilion. We know parking has been a challenge the last few years – with 8k parking spaces on-site at the fairgrounds, we won’t need offsite parking for Makers or attendees!
  • More Space for Each Maker – With more space and larger, open-plan buildings, we are targeting 10×10 foot (or larger) spaces for Makers. We also plan to create themed areas for Maker groups to connect and work together to create an awesome exhibit area – with workshops by those makers in the same area.
  • Lower Ticket Price – We will be decreasing ticket prices – AND creating sponsorship options to provide tickets to local schools.
  • Event Proceeds – The event proceeds will now directly benefit the Maker community as part of the mission of The Maker Effect Foundation.

While the Orlando Science Center building will no longer be the event venue, the Orlando Science Center organization is a valued community partner. The OSC team is awesome – they have embraced the event and the maker community as part of their mission to “Inspire Science Learning for Life”, and we look forward to including the OSC team, and OSC members in Maker Faire Orlando for many years.


Stay tuned as we work with our Makers and Community Partners to produce a very exciting 5th Anniversary event! We hope you will continue to be part of the event – and we will need your support to make it great. If you want to get involved, email us at makers@makerfaireorlando.com and we will find a great role for you!

On behalf of The Maker Effect Foundation,

Jessica, Candy, Ian, Dave & Ann.

Maker Faire Orlando’s Fifth Anniversary Brings Exciting Changes in 2016

The Greatest Show and Tell on Earth Returns to Orlando in October 2016

ORLANDO, Fla. (Dec. 3, 2015) —Florida’s largest maker event, Maker Faire Orlando, will celebrate its fifth anniversary in 2016 with a new date, new venue, and more space for community maker groups.

The two-day, family-friendly celebration will feature hundreds of local makers, hands-on workshops and more that will entertain and inspire more than 20,000 members of the Central Florida community. Maker Faire Orlando will be held on October 22nd and 23rd at the Central Florida Expo Park (Fairgrounds).

“We are excited to provide our makers with more room for even bigger projects and for hands-on maker workshops,” said Jessica King, Vice-President of The Maker Effect Foundation and producer of Maker Faire Orlando. “Moving into October should lead to cooler, dryer weather which will make the outdoor exhibits and events like Power Racing even more enjoyable.”

Maker Faire Orlando is made possible through the efforts of many individuals in the local Maker community and community partner organizations such as FamiLAB, Factur, Orlando Science Center, Art & History Museums- Maitland, The Dorothy Lumley Melrose Center, Nerd Nite Orlando and Crealde School of Art.

The unprecedented collaboration between these community partners blurs the lines between art and technology in a way that enriches the community and creates opportunities for creativity, learning, fun, and innovation.

“We are thrilled with the ongoing growth of Maker Faire Orlando and honored to be a part of its continued success,” said JoAnn Newman, President and CEO of Orlando Science Center. “While we are not physically hosting the event in 2016, we are looking forward to participating in this incredible community celebration of imagination and ingenuity. ”

If interested in exhibiting as a maker, supporting the event as a sponsor or community partner, email makers@makerfaireorlando.com or visit www.makerfaireorlando.com.

Download hi-res photos from last year’s event at the following Dropbox link: http://www.makerfaireorlando.com/press-kit

Maker Faire Orlando is independently organized and operated under license from Maker Media.


Maker Faire Orlando began in 2012 as a family friendly showcase of DIY science, art, technology, and hands-on activities. Independent crafters to scientists can share what they are making and learning. Now in its 5th year, the event is part of the original Maker Faire held in San Mateo, CA and now also in New York, Atlanta, Detroit, Paris, Rome, Tokyo, and other cities around the world. In all, there are more than 150 independently organized Maker Faires in 30 countries around the world.


For high-resolution photos, logos and more, please visit the following Dropbox link: http://www.makerfaireorlando.com/press-kit



The Maker Effect Foundation exists to activate and amplify the efforts of makers as they learn, build and work together in their communities. Their efforts include research, publication, community organization, event production, and startup advisement. The foundation’s community organization and startup efforts are focused on Central Florida, however our research and publication efforts are not limited in scope. The Maker Effect Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity.

For high-resolution photos, logos and more, please visit the following Dropbox link: http://www.themakereffect.org/press-kit.

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