Amazing Origami from Junko’s Pop Emporium

Junko Takagi Gillespie, a native of Shizuoka Ken, Japan, Junko spent the last 20+ years teaching Japanese language and culture to elementary school students in Haines City, Florida. She has always created amazing origami creations as a hobby, but recently has discovered an untapped talent for combining her love for pop culture with her technical skills. Junko really enjoys using pop culture as inspiration for her accessories and 3D origami sculptures, and we know that the public will find them just as fun!


Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman from Mythbusters


Star Wars Characters

Gillespie’s mother began making these types of origami figures around 1999 and sent them to her granddaughter, Jade and her friends. She asked her mother to show her how her figures were made and in her next set of origami gifts, she included instructions that Ms. Gillespie followed. Americans have made these very popular, so Ms. Gillespie began to research different styles and decided to combine her love for pop culture with her origami skills. The results are quite impressive!

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Maker Faire Orlando Expands to Orlando Museum of Art

The Greatest Show (& Tell) on Earth is Bigger and Better than Ever

ORLANDO, Fla. (Aug. 7, 2015) — Maker Faire Orlando is growing thanks to a new partnership between Orlando Museum of Art, The Maker Effect Foundation and Orlando Science Center. The two-day, family-friendly celebration will feature more than 250 local Makers, hands-on workshops and more that will entertain and inspire more than 15,000 members of the Central Florida community. Maker Faire Orlando will be held on September 12 and 13 in the Orlando Science Center, Loch Haven Park and, new for 2015, the Orlando Museum of Art!

The partnership with the Orlando Museum of Art is a result of the growth of Central Florida’s Maker community. In 2014, Maker Faire Orlando received “featured” status and promotional support from the originator and licensor of Maker Faire events, Maker Media, and expanded to a two-day extravaganza. Maker Faire Orlando is fueled by the local arts community with DIY enthusiasts and families taking part in a celebration of technology, science, arts, crafts, engineering, education, sustainability and much more. This year, the can’t-miss event has grown its arts presence even larger with the addition of exhibit and workshop space at the Orlando Museum of Art.

“The creativity demonstrated by the individuals participating in –and attending — the Maker Faire naturally coincides with the work of the Orlando Museum of Art,” said Glen Gentele, Director and CEO of the Orlando Museum of Art. “We are excited to join our colleagues at the Orlando Science Center in hosting Maker Faire Orlando.”

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Featured Makers: Crafty Dork and Sticker Dork

Jenny, also known as The Crafty Dork loves to crochet! She especially loves to mix her love for crochet with her love for everything geeky , whether it is a comic, anime, manga or video game character! Crocheting can be super cool!

The Sticker Dork enjoys fulfilling the vinyl sticker needs of the geek community. He uses a mix of traditional and digital art to create wall art vinyl and vinyls for basically anything you can stick them on.

With their common love for all things geeky, I’m sure you will agree that the crafty dork and the sticker dork are a perfect pair!


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Places and Spaces for Makers

We’ve already approved over 180 Makers, and are continuing to review the exhibit proposals for Maker Faire Orlando 2015. This week we are featuring exhibits by members of 6 local Maker and Hacker Spaces. These spaces are located in and around Central Florida and are organizations where YOU can make stuff (and maybe some new friends)!
Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 11.21.27 PM
Just check out some of the amazing projects coming out of these spaces!

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Featured Educators’ Pick: Czartroniks

Ron Czarnik has been programming, making music, building things and taking them apart for most of his life. He discovered Arduino microcontrollers at Maker Faire a few years back and since that time he has produced an evolving multitude of unique electronic musical instruments. His work, twice featured on, incorporates many disciplines including decoupage/collage, recycled art, painting, electronics, woodworking, animatronics, music theory, sound synthesis and interface design.

If you’re interested in learning more about Arduino and how you can use it to make your own instruments, this is the exhibit for you!

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