Ali Wagner Sculpts

My exhibit features my creations, which I call "Dudes", which are all small sculptures of various characters, from cartoons to comics to horror movies, and beyond. All of my pieces are hand sculpted, by myself, on a base of my own creation. I then make a silicone mold of each sculpture. These are then cast in a plastic resin (Smooth-Cast 320) which, once set, I then paint by hand in acrylics.
Once each sculpture is cast and painted, I spray them with a matte finish and attach them each to their own personalized backgrounds, which are small canvases that I have also painted by hand. While the molding process does make it easier to duplicate these "Dudes," no two pieces are ever exactly alike, and a lot of hard work and love goes into each piece.
I also feature a few truly one of a kind pieces, sculpted from polymer clay and then hand painted in acrylic paint. These are also of a few fan favorite characters.

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Ali Wagner

Ali Wagner

Ali makes small sculptures of a few of everyone's favorite characters from pop culture, each hand made and perfect to hang on your wall and brighten up any room. She's been sculpting since she was a child, and now her favorite thing is sending her sculptures off to new homes where they'll make no just her happy, but anyone who comes across them.