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AI Art 101 - Interactive Demo Booth

We will be demonstrating simple browser-based AI image generators that anyone can use - type in text describing an image that you want to see, and AI will try to make it for you!
We will be collecting these as a larger art project for Maker Faire Orlando!
Stop by to check out a variety of other fun things, like text prompt generators and other tools, get resources on AI generators, chat about more advanced methods of AI, talk about ethical and legal issues with AI art, and find other makers to collaborate and learn with.

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Categories: ArtAutomationEducationHands-On WorkshopSoftware

Exhibit Zone: The Dark Side (Spirit Building)

Exhibit Space: SC8 (Subject to Change)

Exhibit Number: 22-183


James Broyles

James Broyles

I have been involved in the Maker Movement since 2012. Mad engineer*, junkbot enthusiast, and DIY hobbyist across multiple interests. As a jack-of-some-trades, most of my projects are rough around the edges and many last long enough to demo a spectacle before falling apart at the seams. I’m on Thingiverse with some rookie and goofy 3d models, I have been homepage’d a couple times on Instructables for MaKey MaKey projects, and I made my own Stranger Things cardboard LED wall with a RaspberryPi and Python. I recently built my own website at MachineLearningArt.com where I want to sell art books, curate AI art resources for others, and eventually make it so that others can sell their own AI art. Join me at this booth as I fuddle my way through using AI art generators, and let’s see what we can figure out together! *I have no control groups, so I cannot claim mad scientist.