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Angel Egle Wierenga

My name is Angel Egle Wierenga. I'm a full-time artist with a burning passion for what I do. I've painted everything and on every type of media, and with this, I've discovered the colorful mix of what people enjoy and what has made them fall in love: beautiful animals, specifically cats doing and being that which you can recognize and love. As of this time, my main focus is on pop culture and cats. My dream is for cat pop culture parody to take over the world and for the many varieties of my colorful works to flood the streets! I hope you enjoy my works as much as I do in creating them!
Meet Me in person at these Exhibits & Events: EWArtwork.com (SEE EVENTS PAGE)
Where to find me: Official Website: EWArtwork.com Facebook: Art by Angel Egle Wierenga Instagram: @EWArtwork

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Categories: ArtComicsHandmadeIllustrationJewelry

Exhibit Zone: Opportunity

Exhibit Space: OG13 (Subject to Change)

Exhibit Number: 21-81


AngelSVisionS - KittyWorks

AngelSVisionS - KittyWorks

Pop Cat Art. Original Paintings, Art Prints, canvas prints, mugs, jewelry, coasters, bags, and other unique products of my original art.