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Animate it

The animated dragons have flapping wings, open roaring mouths, glowing eyes, moving claws and swinging tails with motion activation. The animated dogs and cats open their mouths with sound and having wagging tails and tapping claws. The animated alligators open their mouths with sound and having swinging tails. The animated unicorn horns light up and the mouth opens with sound and the tail swings side to side. The animated flamingo flaps its wings and wags its tail and moves it head side to side with sound. The x wing fighter can be driven around and its wings open and close. The dinosaurs eyes glows and their mouths open and they roar. The xwing fighter costume pack has a chest piece with flashing lights.

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Categories: 3D PrintingArduinoAutomationElectronicsRobotics

Exhibit Number: 22-61


Animate It

Animate It

Animated 3d printed dragons and gators. Combining microprocessors, 3d printed parts, and crafted bodies to animate robotic creatures. These robotic creatures have been also used to make animated cakes.