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Barrel of Kong Arcades

Barrel of Kong Arcades was started with the goal of bringing fan favorite arcade machines into both home and business settings.
Our customers come from all walks of life, but they all have one goal in mind; getting access to their favorite classic arcade games. By committing ourselves to excellence all around, we have maintained a stellar track record in the arcade machine market.
This started out as a hobby in my garage turning wine barrels into arcade machines and turned into a full grown business. People from all over the world have asked to have this unique arcade barrel in their home or business.
We don’t just sell arcade barrel machines - we also work to expand our existing knowledge base in order to give customers the best possible experience, all around.
Our concept is simple. We took the Donkey Kong theme and turned it into an arcade machine. Donkey Kong would throw barrels at Mario as he would attempt to save the Princess. That concept turned into Barrel of Kong.
If you are looking for a one of kind looking arcade machine this Barrel of Kong is for you.

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Barrel of Kong Arcades

Barrel of Kong Arcades

I build vintage arcade machines from repurposed whisky and wine barrels. These games include 60 classic arcade games