Sappho Chocolates - Chocolate Making

The Sappho Chocolates’ team will teach the art of creating molded chocolates using a variety of fun molds. Workshop attendees will have fun learning about the science and history of making chocolate. The best part of the workshop is you get to keep what you make. This means you’ll get to keep close to a ¼ pound of quality chocolate. Tickets ($10) for this event can be purchased at the Sappho Table. There will be a total of 4 chocolate making workshops during the weekend (2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday).

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Sappho Chocolates

Sappho Chocolates

Bringing quality chocolate and technology together is Sappho Chocolates’ passion. They use a 3D printer and vacuforming to create their own chocolate molds. Kathryn Neel, Professional Chocolatier, has been making chocolates for over 20 years as gifts for friends and family. Her two business partners, Charlotte Lambert and Darlene Duncan, tasted Kathryn’s chocolates and asked her why she wasn’t selling them. This was the beginning of Sappho Chocolates. Kathryn also teaches coding and robotics at R School in Volusia County.