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Darlene Duncan, Author

Ask questions of a published author, find out what it takes to write, publish, design a book cover and read a book for audio. The Larissa Carpenter Mystery series is currently at three books, with a fourth in the works. It starts with A New Beginning in Coventry Beach, followed by Lust & Distrust, and Fatal Misunderstanding. The series follows the adventures of Larissa Carpenter. According to Detective Angela Murdoch, Larissa reports more dead bodies to her than the 911 dispatcher. Both Larissa and Det. Murdoch are in denial about being attracted to one another. Harriet, the owner of a café named My Place, is determined to get them together.
The Legend of Erin Foster is a dystopian future novel about a second American Revolution brought about by the country being run by religious zealots. In Erin’s eyes, you’re either part of the solution or you’re part of the problem.
Life Is Full Of Surprises is romantic mystery involving murder and deception.
The Origin of Deanna Dorak is about a young woman learning that she really is from another planet and realizing that she can needs to return there.
Aneesha’s Prophecy is the story of Deanna Dorak’s return to her home planet and her fight to return to the throne of Nedamla.

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Darlene Duncan

Darlene Duncan

I am a published author of several books in various genres. I not only write the books, I design the covers and I'm in the process of reading my books for Audible.