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Dovah Design specializes in the creation of custom props, armor, and costumes. A graphic designer by trade, Sam has always found joy making art and playing video games. So in 2014, she decided to bring her two favorite pass-times together, and began making props and costumes as her weekend hobby. Sam has since started a self-run business out of her home workshop in Longwood, FL. Her Specialties include foam carving, mold making, and custom prop design.

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Samantha Bork

Samantha Bork

I am a prop and costume artist based in sunny Central Florida, USA. Cosplaying and prop making have been my hobbies since 2014, when I was inspired to start by famous prop artists and my favorite video game, Skyrim. There is something incredibly satisfying about bringing fantasy props and costumes into the real world, especially a badass weapon or set of armor.