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E36 drift taxi

I've been building this project for about 4 years and I'm continuously still building this project. The goal for this project is to be a demo car for regular plubic drift events

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Chris Tyler

Chris Tyler

Hi my name is Chris Tyler Wilkinson but I usually just go by Chris Tyler I've been part of the Central Florida drift community for about six, seven years. I fell in love with racing, mostly drifting since I was in high school. The E36 drift taxi was the very first project car I ever built. The reason i built this project was learn how to drift and to improve my driving skills . My very first drift competition I ever competed in was Okc street League battle royal in 01/20/21 which is located at Orlando kart center. My current home track that I go drifting at is Orlando speed world. the inspiration behind this whole build was to One Day become a pro drift athlete.