elegantly chain mail

elegantly chain mail is hand made chain mail jewelry done in simply and light weight aluminum in bright and vibrant colors. all pieces are hand made and custom fitted on site so that they fit each person perfectly.
the hand made jewelry includes: bracelets, charm bracelets, chocker necklaces, pendent necklaces, and earrings. the jewelry is done in a victorian/gothic style, that showcases the artists specialized art form.
custom pieces can be ordered for jewelry and/or other clothing/personal accessories. an example of some of the custom orders that have been fulfilled in the past are hair clips and appearal add-ons (shoulder pieces, sleeve designs, etc.).

Categories: Jewelry


robyn cassibba

robyn cassibba

I have been making chain mail jewelry for 4 years now. I started because I have a hard time finding jewelry that fits me and doesn't effect my delicate skin. when I started I found a lot of people were interested in the jewelry I was wearing so I decided to try selling it. so I started to sell online now I think I am ready to get out there and sell at events.