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Finley's Van

Can physical objects make up who someone truly is? What are those things that teach us about who a person is? Is it possible to create a playful, yet meaningful, sincere space where we can explore someone’s belongings? Finley’s Van pieces together Finley Sullivan through objects.
Parked in a dark garage is a van full of someone’s belongings. A mysterious note is attached to the back door. As you enter the van, you find yourself surrounded by objects that at first glance appear to be junk. A voice can be heard, asking you to hold, inspect, and remember what’s inside. As you play and connect with the objects, the story of Finely Sullivan unravels.
“Finley’s Van” is an interactive experience exploring the life of Finley Sullivan, a 20-something FedEx delivery driver with a strange condition that has followed him through his life: he slips in and out of time dimensions. At a young age, it was just momentary flashes. As he got older, they became more vivid, until he saw a jaded, bored, hallowed older version of himself. Finley feels the only way to preserve his older self is by packing up his things in a van and traveling in time so he can show his future self their stuff.
Unlike a traditional museum experience that teaches biography through a display of data and historical facts, “Finley’s Van” leverages physical interaction and emotion as a way for visitors to learn and connect with someone new.
The experience is a metaphor conveying how powerfully objects can embody someone’s essence, their personal story, and their memories. Installation visitors step away with an intimate relationship with someone new.

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Hayden Carey

Hayden Carey

I'm a budding creative producer, and designer who has found a passion for experiential storytelling and themed entertainment projects– all enhanced by technology. I’m motivated by a desire to craft meaningful and memorable experiences for others through technology and stories.