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From consumption to creation: 3D modeling for young learners

We are going to share an approach to help young children get started on 3D modeling. This approach has been presented at the ISTE Live Conference 2021 during the Maker Playgrounds strand dedicated to best practices for the future of maker education. Structure:
1. Visitors will be inspired to sketch something they would like to model on paper; 2. Visitors will explore a number of hands on resources to understand basic principles of 3D modeling like cropping, extruding and merging 3D shapes. Theses resources include a 3D Cartesian plane, 3D printed shapes, play dough, styrofoam solids, paper, scissors, sticks and cutters that can be used to cut, merge and extrude shapes. 3. Visitors will have iPads with Tinkercad at their disposal so they can create 3D models that can be uploaded to the printer or explored in augmented reality.
Presenters will display several projects made by students and educators to inspire guests. They include 3d parts for magnetic child-friendly circuit tiles, parts for open-ended toys, play dough cutters, action figures, toys replacement parts and others.

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Avidus Makerspace

Avidus Makerspace

We are Ivna Trevas and Naya Damasceno, a team of Maker educators from Avidus School, a K-5 bilingual school in Brazil, who love to share maker practices with other makers.