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GFLUG Display

Members will be bringing various types of MOCs from the LEGO community. These include trains, mosaics, GBC, sculptures, and robots.

Categories: EngineeringLEGO

Exhibit Zone: Spirit

Exhibit Space: SJ34, SJ33, SJ32 (Subject to Change)

Exhibit Number: 21-54


Greater Florida LEGO User Group

Greater Florida LEGO User Group

GFLUG is an adult LEGO Fan club building My Own Creations (MOCs) and displaying them to inspire and motivate others. We advocate for children and adults to show their imagination with LEGO bricks and elements. We also build MOCs that work with clubs from around the US and world. These collaborative elements include Great Ball Contraption (GBC) and Modular Integrated Landscape System (MILS). We also work with First LEGO league and other LEGO related robotics clubs.