Gypsy's Weavings

Using armoury patterns that can date back to the Estrucians of old, I make everything from bracelets to purses. I do mostly accessories, though. I have, at times, gone back to the roots and make functional armour as well for renaissance festivals and combat groups. I also make items for furries who need scales instead of fur.
Update: Due to a recent acquisition I'll have a traditional core vintage violet wand with me! If you're a fan of Nikola Tesla, violet wands (aka the ray) and tesla coils are not unknown to you. Getting a chance to feel it though is rare! I'll have a vintage (from what I can find it's from the 1940s) violet "ray" machine and a modern solid state. Satisfy your curiosity and get to see, and for the daring feel, one for yourself!

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Gypsy Anakhet al-Badawiyya

Gypsy Anakhet al-Badawiyya

Greetings! I'm Anakhet of Gypsy's Weavings. I'm a chainmaile armourer and accessory maker who takes historical patterns and puts a more modern use to them. I start with a pile of links and using pliers I artfully weave them together. I mostly use premade links from a supplier though I have made my own in the past and still have the supplies to do so.