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Halo & Hit 'N Spin

Halo is back for its fifth event. We've made a number of mechanical improvements, including custom hub motor wheels and shatter-proof TPU enclosures. This time it wont explode for sure!
Hit 'N Spin is back for its third event, sporting a new TPU enclosure. A new traction control algorithm should reduce the traction issues seen last year.
And both robots are sporting a new custom-designed magnetometer sensor. This serves as an all-in-one heading sensor that should prove more reliable than any meltybrain fielded before.

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Categories: Combat Robots

Exhibit Zone: Robot Ruckus (Spirit Building)

Exhibit Space: Unassigned

Exhibit Number: 22R-28


Team Mind Melt

Team Mind Melt

We design and build meltybrain-style combat robots. We custom design custom parts and electronics, striving to advance the state-of-the-art for this kind of robot.