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Hal's Kawaii Kaeru

Hal's Kawaii Kaeru is run by a 20 year old artist named Hal from Orlando, FL. They create crochet pieces, art prints and pieces, stickers to decorate your stuff with! They also love making jewelry you can wear everywhere! Everything is drawn, made or designed by Hal themselves and is meant for anyone and everyone.

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Categories: ArtCosplayFiber ArtsIllustrationJewelry

Exhibit Zone: Spirit

Exhibit Space: SF36 (Subject to Change)

Exhibit Number: 22-138


Haley Bagdonas

Haley Bagdonas

Hal is a 20 year old artist from Orlando Florida. They are going to school to be a graphic designer and have been passionate about making things since they were young. Hal learned how to crochet back in 2020- and it helped them cope with their panic attacks and create even more things.