Heavyweight Robot "Macaroni and Cheese"

Robotic triplets "Spiral", "Noodle", and "Elbow" enter this year's Robot Ruckus 2019 as a heavyweight entry "Macaroni and Cheese" Each 120lb robot is identical and constructed of a welded steel AR400 frame with a wide stance and angular profile. The bots feature 6" grinding disks which spin nearly 10,000rpm to shower the arena in sparks. The robots will compete 2 at a time, as all 3 would be too heavy.

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Get Rekt Robotics

Get Rekt Robotics

Get Rekt Robotics is run by Brian Bray, a mechanical engineer out of Dallas, Texas. I have competed in beetleweight combat robotics in the Dallas area (under Texas Robotic Combat organization) Additionally, I competed with his senior design team at International Robogames 2017 with 220lb fighting robot "Cavalier" as driver. I was the designer of a 250lb heavyweight "Bellator" for the 2019 Battlebots televised competition, in which my robot was selected to compete, however network conflicts regarding sponsorship forced us to withdraw. When I am not building combat robots, I also enjoy other high-powered radio controlled vehicles, including a 10ft 50lb cargo aircraft which debuted (and crashed spectacularly) at FliteFest South in 2018