Hubert Cannonfodder

Hubert is a combat robot I originally designed to be like "Tombstone", unfortunately due to my inexperience I decided to go with a "Duck" design and I am quite happy with the first working model. its design is primarialy push bot with a large stationary plow 2.5 inches tall by8 inches wide. The plow has an impact absorbing polyethylene sheet that will hopefully take the brunt of my opponents weapon. The main idea behind this bot is to use its bulky design to disable opponents weapons and use my motors to push them around, slam them to the wall and/or put them in the pit.

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Sean L (Hubert’s builder)

Sean L (Hubert’s builder)

I'm a first time builder in the realm of combat robots. I have been a huge fan of combat robot for many years and didn't actually believe that i could do it until seeing 3lb bots at MakerFaire in 2018. I am excited for the chance to check (and continue to check) that of my bucket list.