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Human Energy Harvesters

A recumbent Bicycle HEH will enable a single User to exercise arms and legs while making DC electricity, as evidenced by the illumination of 6 bulbs. A wattmeter will display the energy created digitally, in real time. A Capstan HEH will enable up to 8 Users to illuminate seven test light stands for a total of 48 bulbs. The illumination is directly proportional to the number of Users and the sweat energy expended, so there is the potential for learning about Ohm's Law.

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Wind Age, LLC

Wind Age, LLC

Wind Age creates and tests full-scale prototypes of novel clean energy devices such as the Traffic-Driven Generator for roads and railways, and Human Energy Harvesters such as the Bicycle-and-Flywheel, the Squirrel Cage, and the Capstan.