Improve Your Duct Tape to Electronics Ratio

Accelerate the fun part of electronics!
If electronics components are spilling all over your desk...if you haven't been able to move your project for fear of "breaking" it...if your prototype doesn't look as great as it should...if you spend more time on the plywood and zipties than the project, then you need the Phase Dock WorkBench Project Development System.
This ecosystem of adapters and connectors is like LEGOs for electronics. Applications include robotics, Internet of Things, model railroads, ham radio, light industrial controllers, test beds, and anything else you can imagine.
All products made in the US.

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Phase Dock Inc.

Phase Dock Inc.

We have several products and devices in various stages of development that serve the community of Makers who work with electronics and single-board computer (SBC) projects. We think that Makers want to focus on creating their project -- not necessarily building all the components from scratch. Here’s a metaphor -- if you sew, you don't want to make the zippers or buttons. If you are a woodworker, you don't want to make the hinges or drawer glides, right? We are focusing on the components that Makers need -- but don't want to make -- such as cases, project prototyping systems, and so on. We have a ready supply of requirements from our circle of Maker friends. And the bigger that circle gets, more projects we see, and the more solutions we are generating. We don't outsource our products---neither the design nor the manufacturing. In addition to being a designer/engineer, I'm also an experienced machinist and have set up a small R&D/manufacturing operation in our house with a CNC vertical machining center (VMC), a knee mill, an industrial laser, sand/bead blaster, 3D printer, thermo-forming equipment, a bench-top injection molding machine, and all the kick-a$$ software to support it. Plus -- we built the 3-story garage addition housing all of this equipment. The "R&D shop and factory" are in the 1000 sq ft space UNDER the garage. It's essentially a concrete bunker with a garage and studio on top of it. Took us 7 years. Yup. Makers on a massive scale. Just not making much money. Maybe soon!