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Insubordination and Defiance

Combat Robotics is, simply put, robot fighting. Teams develop and compete robotic solutions to disable their opponent by imparting mechanical damage. However, robots must also have the durability to survive the damage from the opposing robot. Matches are generally one vs. one and last three minutes but may end sooner if one robot disables the other. If both robots are functional at the end of the match, a panel of judges will decide the winner. Combat Robotics tournaments across the country host weight classes ranging from 150 grams to 250lbs. Most events usually have similar but not identical rulesets, as organizers implement changes to fit their particular arena and venue. Such events are generally open to all competitors regardless of their experience level, resulting in competitor experience ranging from middle school students to teams of professional, experienced engineers. For these reasons and more, competitions consistently provide a challenging, information-rich learning environment to all who attend. The National Robotics League (NRL) hosts standardized tournaments on a national and regional level for 15lb robots. Each event sponsored by the NRL follows standard guidelines and specifications and is open to only scholastic teams.
The incredible range of strategies and expertise in these competitions results in a constantly changing competition field where the top designs are adaptable and wildly different from season to season. These two bots are our entry from Florida Polytechnic University.

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Purple Fire Robotics

Purple Fire Robotics

Purple Fire Robotics aims to provide opportunities for Florida Polytechnic University's students to excel, innovate, and learn robotics while providing an environment to thrive in mechanics, electronics, and computer science. There are 7 sections within the Purple Fire Robotics Club: Combat, VEX U, Research & Development, Outreach, Fundraising, Events, and 250 Pound.