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Interactive Cultural Art

Interactive Cultural Art Exhibit consists of two experiences, Black History Radio and Bachata Hero.
Black History Radio uses an antique style radio as an audio based time machine. Users can tune into 8 moments in Black History by 4 great men and women, respectively, spanning from 1947 to 2008. Internally, a Sony Spresense microcontroller controls the output of the radio. Each year has 2-4 clips with artificial white noise in between. Complementing this art installation is an antique inspired newspapers clipping providing more information.
Bachata Hero is a custom made Guitar Hero based experience inspired by Bachata, a Latin American music genre originating from the Dominican Republic. Made as an homage to my roots as a first generation Dominican-American, Bachata Hero features a custom built fa├žade themed to a traditional country side house from the Dominican Republic. Five Bachata songs in total will be playable on a acoustic style wooden guitar. The goal of this exhibit is to use a familiar gateway like Guitar Hero to introduce Dominican culture.

Categories: ArtEducationGamingMusicSoftware

Exhibit Zone: The Dark Side (Spirit Building)

Exhibit Space: SG5 (Subject to Change)

Exhibit Number: 22-128


Anthony Melo

Anthony Melo

I'm a creative technologist with a love of practical and digital interactive experiences. By day, I work as a software engineer at Universal Creative bringing immersive interactive experiences to life. By night, I channel my skills to create socially and/or culturally inspired interactive entertainment.