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John Deer

We took a John Deer Tractor Powerwheel and stripped it of its small puny electronics. We then built a metal frame to hold the original body and a slew of upgraded elctronics and hydraulic brakes. This isn't your grandparents, or your kids, John Deer Tractor. This thing is a beast! We look forward to competing in our first powerwheel racing series event!

Categories: Power Racing

Exhibit Zone: Power Racing Track

Exhibit Space: Unassigned

Exhibit Number: 22-184


Tampa Hackerspace

Tampa Hackerspace

Tampa Hackerspace is a non-profit, volunteer-run makerspace. Our goal is to help people learn to make things. We do that through: Offering classes Paid access to our shops of tools and equipment Building a community of makers to connect with Showing and talking about making things at schools and local events Many of our classes and events are open to non-members and many are free. We schedule all of our classes and events on Meetup.com Paid members get 24×7 access to the space, tools, and equipment. Paid membership plans start at $50 paid monthly or $500 paid annually. Family membership plans are also available. Members are welcome to bring guests but only current, trained members should operate tools and equipment. Most equipment requires a safety training class before access. Please look at and ask about the classes required for tools you are especially interested in because they fill up quickly and are typically only held once per month. While our primary mission is educational, we do support prototyping and some small-scale commercial production. If your plans involve using the space 8+ hours a week to build commercial products we are not likely a good fit. Ask us about your specific plans though; if nothing else we may be able to recommend a manufacturing partner. Similarly, we do not offer fabrication services (i.e. “I need someone to build this thing for me”) but if you contact us, we may be able to refer you to a good manufacturing partner or member that can do the work.