Jurassic Park Jeep JP29

This Jeep Wrangler has been converted to screen accurate Jurassic Park livery by and matches that of the JP29 seen in the original release of Jurassic Park. Some fans may notice in the latest Jurassic Park Movie that JP29 makes an appearance as well!
Owner and builder Elliot Hansen painstakingly converted this wrangler from stock configuration in the matter of months. With a refreshed interior, new top, correct wheels and even badging the jeep is ready to escort guests at Jurassic Park.

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Elliot Hansen

Elliot Hansen

Elliot Hansen is a local resident of the Orlando area that has turned his Delores DMC-12 into his all time favorite movie car, Doc Brown's Time Machine. It features many screen accurate details, from the ever popular Flux Capacitor even down to the smallest of details that only a fan of back to the future would notice. He has spent a few years collecting the parts needed for the conversion and spent a few months finally putting it all together in 2016.