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Keyboard of the Future!

The keyboard you know is older than Edison's light bulb and Tesla's AC power. It has over 100 parts and requires visual feedback or significant skills and coordination to operate. It becomes very difficult to use in small areas and doesn't fit in many others. We are doing something about it and have a hardware and software solution to address it. Our Decatxt keyboard won an International R&D 100 Award beating entries from National laboratories and fortune 500 companies. The next version is almost ready so see our latest prototype. Also, Touch interfaces are a clear choice for many applications and we have developed a new method that provides text with tiny straight swipes of your fingers. It can be applied in very small spaces, like the face of a watch, and you can type with just one finger, without looking. See why we think that Microtxt could be the next really little big thing!

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IN10DID, Inc.

IN10DID, Inc.

The Input Nomenclature ten Digit Input Device is consolidating the QWERTY keyboard to just ten keys that you can type with just one hand. We have shown our DecaTxt keyboard before several times since the start of Maker Faire Orlando. We have a new one currently in development and would love to get some feedback from the maker crowd. Input is the one thing holding us back from developing what's next. Voice to text is great but we will always need to edit and correct errors. Our Decatxt and Microtxt solutions could show the way.