Longfellow's Lost Skills

I provide short demonstrations on what I (Alan Longfellow) call "lost skills" such as using hand tools to make accurate measurements, using a wood plane rather than an expensive milling machine, manual drafting equipment rather than clunky CAD software, restoring old, rusty yard-sale tools with nothing but steel wool and WD-40, among many other things.
Small but useful skills like how to find the center of a board, how to divide a line, or how to properly use a micrometer caliper, chisel, hand saw, or vernier caliper will be demonstrated. The centerpiece of my exhibit will be an accurate, precise, custom-built 3D printer dubbed the "Messingdrucker I" that I made completely from precision-machined parts intended to demonstrate the need for an accurate, rigid 3D printer in the industry, along with a small (2 ft by 4 ft) model train display featuring vintage 1950s-era Lionel model trains. So much innovation has been lost to history that I feel that it is important to "dig it all up" and use it for the greater good of the Maker community!

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Alan Longfellow

Alan Longfellow

I'm a junior at Florida Polytechnic University majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a deep passion for math, physics, and creative innovation. I love making things and bettering my skill set. I use "lost skills" that people usually no longer have, such as using manual machine tools and vintage woodworking equipment. I want to share these skills with people in the area and help get them started if they want to join us Makers!