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Merlin and Mim

Merlin and Mim costumes are made from 100% cotton, feature reversible mix and match components, and are designed to incorporate adaptive features. All children should be able to experience the joy of playing dress up without a health condition limiting what they can wear. Alternate openings and access points are disguised in the seams, so all styles are the same, with or without adaptive modifications.

Categories: CosplayFabric ArtsHandmadeSewing

Exhibit Zone: Spirit

Exhibit Space: SH33 (Subject to Change)

Exhibit Number: 22-125


Noni Mitchell

Noni Mitchell

Noni is a life-long crafter who is constantly learning and trying new things. She has a huge heart, always wanting to make life better for those around her. As a child she tried to rescue every stray she came across and as an adult did just that for many years. A love of fantasy and theater led her to Society for Creative Anachronism where she was able to play dress up and pretend whenever she wanted. Noni’s research into historical clothing helped create many of the adaptive features in the Merlin and Mim costumes.