Myra Makes Creative Adventure Space

The Myra Makes Creative Adventure Space has three separate activities happening: Journey to Cloud City, a problem-solving and roleplaying adventure, Inventure, an in-development board game, and "sneak peeks," where you can check out some of our prototype games, books and apps.
In the Journey to Cloud City area, you create a character to join your new friend Myra on an adventure as she travels to Cloud City. Along the way, the adventure team explores different environments, meets and learns about a variety of animal friends, and helps Myra and the crew solve the challenges that pop up during the adventure through storytelling and building with arts and crafts supplies. These activities are inspired by the Myra Makes book, Journey to Cloud City.
In the Inventure area, you can play the upcoming Myra Makes board game, Inventure. Inventure is a creative adventure game in which you compete with your friends to make the most creative and outlandish inventions, characters, and places. Buy materials, bring your creativity to life, and convince your friends to choose your creations as their favorites. Every time you play Inventure, you have the chance to recreate the world of Inventure all your own. Who will you be? What inventions will you create? People, animals, and creatures of your imagination all call Inventure home. So come along, meet new friends, create new places, and solve challenges.
Finally, in the sneak peek area, you can explore the in-development Myra Makes app, play some of our prototype card games, and join a read-aloud of our latest in-development story book. Your feedback is extremely valuable to us and we hope you can drop by to share your ideas and thoughts on what Myra Makes should do next!

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Myra Makes

Myra Makes

Myra Makes is a creative education startup which publishes books and games that help kids develop creative, problem-solving, and emotional skills.