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NSB Maker Space

The New Smyrna Maker Space is set to officially open in 2023. We are a non-profit and the only maker space of its kind in Volusia County. We would like to be able to provide a great experience and value for makers in our community.
Our goal for this convention is to network with other maker spaces and attract members and volunteers who want to help. We will have photos of our space and examples of the workshops we have had in the past. Our exhibit would also showcase some projects our members have made.

Categories: 3D PrintingArduinoEducationMakerspaceWoodworking

Exhibit Zone: Opportunity

Exhibit Space: OD16 (Subject to Change)

Exhibit Number: 22-162


NSB Maker Space

NSB Maker Space

The NSB Maker Space is a non-profit organization. We plan on being officially open in 2023 when the space will be available for members to use the tools and equipment and attend workshops and classes. We have a 3628 sq ft space located in New Smyrna Beach with woodworking tools and machinery; electronic analysis, repair, and assembly stations; 3d-printers; and workbenches. Our goal is to develop a space where members of the community can come together to build, share, and learn.