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Orlando Landmarks Wood-burning Experience

The wood-burning tag is a laser etching of Orlando's famous landmarks. Those who purchase this item can customize it by adding a name, emojis, or a short quote. This is a learning experience that will focus on teaching individuals the basics and safety of wood-burning.

Categories: ArtCraftEducationWoodworking

Exhibit Zone: Outside

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Exhibit Number: 21-175


Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Florida

Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Florida

The Youth Arts Initiative, YAI, was launched in 2019. The YAI program is taught by professional practicing, teaching artists who are well-rounded in their field. The Youth Arts Initiative Program is designed to offer students a laddering-up style of engagement in an inviting professional setting. The participants of the program AKA Rising Artists, meet for three 2-hour sessions weekly; 2 skill development sessions and 1 studio session. They include fine arts, dance, photography, videography, and graphic arts. Young artists participating in the YAI program are provided with high-quality artistic experiences and opportunities that they would not otherwise have.