Orlando Trianglethon 2019

The Orlando Math Circle volunteers will lead hands on math activities and games for young and old. There will be building and intriguing questions with Geometiles, mathematical games and the creation of triangles for the Trianglethon. The Trianglethon is a community mathematics and arts project that will teach participants about fractals: how an endlessly repeating pattern can create a complex shape through simple repetition of smaller and smaller self-similar triangles. Students, math lovers, and artists throughout Central Florida are invited to create individual fractal triangles which will then be collected and assembled to create a large Sierpinski Triangle. OMC would like to collect enough triangles for the 7th iteration of the Sierpinski Triangle, made out of 2,187 individual triangles at the end of the Maker Faire. It will be like a mathematical community quilt. The link below shows the construction of a similar fractal triangle in Albuquerque, NM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BabkJYmBCA

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Orlando Math Circle

Orlando Math Circle

Orlando Math Circle is a 501(c)3 volunteer non-profit whose mission is to build a diverse and inclusive community of student mathematicians. OMC high school and college students provide engaging and fun opportunities for younger students to do mathematics outside of school. OMC holds classes in libraries, classes online, brings special programs to schools, runs local and national math competitions like upcoming Mathematics Olympiad for Elementary and Middle Schools and Math Kangaroo. OMC high school students work with nationally recognized mathematicians to develop lessons and bring special programs like the Global Math Project to our community. OMC is a grass roots organization working to show that everyone is a math person. Join us to help bring the beauty of math to all! https://youtu.be/fNHfZhvpa2E