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Others Create It!

Paracords: autism awareness, ff, EMT, Marvel, Star Wars, Star Trek.
Showcase: multiple wood Davinci models, EV3 Lego mindstorm «  Repter », MegaCyborg hydraulics and pneumatics (plastic), VEX Robotics « Pick and drop ball machine.
Young Author Novel. Self-published fan fiction book, artwork, jewelry, character bookmarks

Categories: HandmadeIllustrationJewelryWriting and PublishingVEX Robotics

Exhibit Zone: Opportunity

Exhibit Space: OD12 (Subject to Change)

Exhibit Number: 22-157


Others Create It!

Others Create It!

Elyce Corsetti: young author, artist, jewelry maker Older brother: paracord bracelets, etc. FF, Star Wars, Star Trek, etc.