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Our Ocean Friends

This is a children's book for 3-7+ year olds, following the journey of a young whale, along with his mother, up the Eastern Atlantic. On this trip, they encounter all sorts of marine life and he learns all the things that a young whale must learn. He longs to be a teacher himself, teaching the world about protecting the oceans and ALL its inhabitants.
An original song can be downloaded to accompany this book.

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Exhibit Zone: Opportunity

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Exhibit Number: 21-91


Stephen Estabrooks

Stephen Estabrooks

I am a retired marine Biologist settled in Ormond Beach, now writing stories for children and helping to spark their interest and concerns over the plight of our oceans. The instructional designer, consulting with me on this first book, Ludwika Goodson, also will be at the exhibit. We are partners in OurOceanFriends.com.