Parasol Dueling

Discover the elegance and skill of this most genteel and worthy competition! Learn the rules of this honorable sport for ladies and observe demonstrations via this interactive activity. Through skillful turns and placements of parasols; precise timing; and through coquettish flirtations, competitors will challenge each other in this Steampunk battle of flair. Demonstration parasols available upon request.

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Central Florida Steampunk Association

Central Florida Steampunk Association

The Central Florida Steampunk Association (CFSA) strives to bring Steampunk to anyone who is interested in the genre, or interested in learning how we make our props and costumes. Our members have experience in leather working, jewelry making, sewing, prop making, simple wearable electronics, and much more. We frequently hold classes in an effort to share our knowledge base and encourage learners to try new skills. We'll have several items on display to showcase some of the skills and classes we have to offer.