Photo and Stamp

Each unique hand-crafted piece combines the artist's life-long love of photography and stamp collecting with her artistic appreciation for both everyday items and unusual objets d'art. Each unique piece ranges from matted 3-Dimensional photo cards to jewelry to functional artwork, such as coasters, wine rings, bookmarks, keychains and even birdhouses. Her artwork can be both inspirational and whimsical, designed to instill respect, admiration and gratitude for all the beauty surrounding us. Laura explains, "I feel grateful for the intelligence in the world that motivates me all the time. I'm forever in awe of the bountiful animals, flowers, and scenery that are so colorful and beautiful. They take my breath away, making me stop and think, 'Wow, look at that!' and then, I capture the image with my camera. I love all the amazing wonders on this planet that inspire me to live harmoniously with nature and peacefully with others."

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Laura Mollé

Laura Mollé

Laura started her photographic career in Manhattan advertising studios. With her entrepreneurial spirit, after several years in the NYC, she became the sole proprietor of her own commercial and portrait studio in New Jersey. Fifteen years later, she moved to Florida in 1996. Here, she completed her B.A at University of South Florida in 2001 in Mass Communications for Television Production. In the past two decades, Laura's quest for creating and adventure inspires her to travel the globe, capturing images with her unique style. Her works have been published in numerous magazines and newspapers. Recently, Laura's art has evolved into blending her photography with cool objects creating unique 4-D mixed media art designed to fascinate and encourage the viewers to appreciate functional art.